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Create custom user profiles and have workers training records at the touch of a button from any device


Create forms with our drop and drag form builder + you have the added bonus of automated escalation triggers. 


Voice to text - Super easy to use and saves time by recording your voice and converting into text 😎


Live Registers - Create Live hazard, plant & equipment, hazardous substance and training registers which can be accessed from the app and copied into task analysis & SSSP's


Access company document library from any device - Make your processes and procedures readily accessible! Plus the ability to add training videos.


Offline Reporting - Keep your team reporting in those patchy areas. The app will automatically store and upload reporting once they are back online.


Assign tasks and corrective actions, track their closure and send push notification reminders


Visitor Management with onsite QR Code capability and induction processes


Job Management - create profiles and assign all reporting to a job this allows a complete report to be run at any time throughout the life of the job - Including tasks and SSSP's


Share reporting via email at the click of a button from a device or computer


Task Analysis Templates - Create task analysis templates that can be edited and reused from site to site


Data Reporting - Desktop reporting available to admins. Download via CSV or PDF. Metric tables kept on home page of all devices to track overall reporting

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