It’s little wonder we are leaders in health and safety.

Hazard and Risk Management has been transforming workplaces across the North Island of New Zealand for the past 5 years. We’re on a fast growth track because we are good, damn good at what we do. Clients like us, trust us, relate to us and feel wholly supported in the health and safety environment.


We don’t sell them a pack, wave them goodbye and keep them waiting on hold on the support line. We meet them, understand their business, give them some honest appraisals and a practical, robust, effective management solution that has been specifically tailored to their workplace needs. And then we roll it out for them, with them.


Having over a decade of combined practical experience, on site, on scaffolding, operating equipment, talking with workers and ensuring we know the way work is done in the real world – not just how it's written on a checklist.


We want to work with YOU to find a way that works for YOU. Health and Safety is only effective if it adds value to your business and is practical for the risks that are present.


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