From rigmarole to refreshingly easier – we turn a health and safety essential into just good business

If you manage a workspace with multiple contractors, you will have heath and safety duties that overlap. A robust Health and Safety Pre-Qualification is essential, and the good news is it doesn’t have to be a rigmarole.


With Health and Safety Regulations as they are today the very nature of workspaces means we have ‘overlapping duties’ which hold more people accountable than ever before. So, it’s essential that a Health and Safety Pre-Qualification underpins your overall process of selecting, engaging and managing contractors.


The process can not only be relatively painless, it actually provides an opportunity for you to review your internal processes and create a more productive and safer work environment for all, and who doesn’t want that.

So what is a Health and Safety Pre-Qualification and why is it essential?

Simply put, it involves your company assessing potential contractors to ensure they are committed to safety, have good systems to back up this commitment and can work safely in practice.


As a Contractor you need to be able to show other companies that you understand your duties under health and safety law, and that you have the systems in place to carry out work safely - protecting your own workers, your contractors and also the workers of other businesses that you plan to be working alongside. It is super critical that a business does the best that they can, within their influence and control, to keep all workers safe and with overlapping duties on the majority of workspaces these days the most effective way of managing health and safety is by working better together.

Consultation, Cooperation and Coordination is the key

When there are multiple businesses working alongside each other in a shared workspace environment the most effective way to manage workplace health and safety is by proactively adopting the three critical C’s of consultation, cooperation and coordination. The most effective way to ensure you meet your duties around the three C’s is by:


  • Forward planning, thinking through each stage of the work and recognising how the work you will do will likely affect other businesses and the public

  • Identifying the health and safety risks that need to be managed

  • Consulting with the other businesses and/or contractors you will be working alongside to decide which business/s are best placed to control each risk

  • Clearly defining roles, responsibilities and actions in the event of a health and safety issue

The best news is, this process makes your business more productive and efficient (and yes, safer too) as it minimises unnecessary duplication of effort. By reaching a common understanding of who is doing what, where responsibilities lie and agreed action steps in all eventualities you will proactively preventing any gaps in managing health and safety risks.

Working collaboratively together for better, safer outcomes

The Pre-qualification process that we offer at H.A.R.M is a great way we can get to know how your business works, and for you to understand our requirements. This means we are all on the same page and can work collaboratively together.


The Pre-qualification process doesn’t have to be difficult, and it’s certainly not a waste of time. This process is a prime opportunity to review your internal health and safety practises and behaviours and revise how you manage critical risks that could cause illness, injury or even death. Not only is this the right thing to do, its good business. The Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) recognises that each business is best placed to know what health and safety risks it creates, and what it should do to eliminate or minimise those risks.


At H.A.R.M we unravel the confusion as we guide you through the process, creating for you a healthier, safer, more productive workplace. For us it’s about adding value in a practical partnership that you’ll find is, quite frankly, a breath of fresh air in an otherwise, often complexity laden landscape of Health and Safety regulations.

Change the way you manage health and safety for good.

With plain and simple language, total support to guide you through the process and empathy and insight from experienced industry experts your health and safety requirements just got a whole lot easier. We proudly have what most other’s in our industry don’t - over a decade of combined practical experience behind us. We’ve worked hands-on in a multitude of sectors, so, we get it and we get to know and understand your business and business needs in a nanosecond.


We’re a team that’s passionate about changing workplace cultures, nurturing better choices and empowering healthier and safer workplace behaviours. You’ll notice it in our work and the way we work with you. Save time, increase productivity and reduce risk with a Health and Safety Pre-Qualification from H.A.R.M. Oh and you might like our 12-month membership model too! Now that’s different!

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